Places to Travel to…

I guess over the next 3 years?

  • San Francisco - Cable car, chinatown and definitely need to go do the big bowl pho challenge
  • Los Angeles - Universal Studios, Hollywood or maybe for a WOD event
  • Las Vegas - gamble, gamble, gamble
  • Portland? - Maybe but what the hell is there to do in Portland???
  • Seattle - revisit family+friends, uwajimaya, downtown area, space needle, maybe a NYY vs SEA game
  • Vancouver - Been there twice and never really explored it, chinatown and… clue what else, guess I will do some research
  • Toronto - Niagara Falls, + research needed
  • China - 2013 No choice, second family trip, same destination….weeeee lol. Maybe I can convince family to visit Hong Kong or Beijing.